August 22, 2011

Hewlett Packard Direct Mail

Here are examples of at least three weekends worth of creative inspiration for Hewlett Packard:

Two eye-catching lead generation self-mailers target prospective customers of HP’s Network Systems Test Division in Colorado Springs. The audience is comprised of computer network managers … you know, the dweebs who stay up all night fixing the network while you peacefully saw logs. 

(Click on any photo below to see a larger version in a separate window.)

HP’s Internet Advisor provides a turn-key testing solution for these stouthearted digital wanderers.
In addition to generating leads, our job was to give the techno-marvel more personality and build a better brand relationship. 
In the lead self-mailer, the one shown on the left above, Brent creates a juxtaposition between a network manager and an orchestra conductor.
Lead copy delivers a message crafted to synchronize with a eye-catching cover photograph:

“When your network works, it blends as an artfully conducted symphony orchestra. In concert.
“If just one instrument is out of tune, you hear irritating clatter that might shut down your network, costing you time, money and goodwill.
“But your job is more complicated than a conductor’s. Because your network performs nonstop. There can be no downtime.
“You must know current performance, why response times lag, and if you’ve got enough bandwidth to keep up with application demand. All day. Every day.”

These response-driven self-mailers are unlike any that have been developed for this division of HP – thanks to inspired concepts, empowering copy, and adroit graphics by Merten Design Group of Denver.
The fliers marry creativity and pragmatic business sensibility – further lending credence to the nascent rumor that nerds are, indeed, human.

Most importantly, the fliers met our client’s demanding response goals.

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