August 20, 2011

Marketing to Baby Boomers


77% of all accumulated private wealth, half of all consumer spending, and $15 trillion in financial assets.

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Somewhere between Woodstock Nation and Over-The-Hill, the most sought after market in America became passé. The fiftysomething-to-seventysomething crowd has not been attracting its fair share of commercial attention. This is an ill-bred business blunder. It is becoming more critical than ever for companies and nonprofits to develop marketing and advertising programs to reach the Baby Boomer generation. Why?

The influential over-50 segment has $2.3 trillion in annual spending power and today controls 70% of all discretionary income. Even more staggering is an unfolding demographic truth: more than 30 percent of Americans were over age 50 in 2010. Boomer Reinvention has become Generation Reinvention.

The front-runners of the generation are Leading-Edge Baby Boomers, the founders of modern youth culture and adroit consumers of yuppie materialism. They have never been shy about exalting brands when products meet their astute expectations. Now, the enormity of the Baby Boomer segment is evolving to become the most lucrative branding, advertising and direct marketing opportunity in fifteen years. This generation has substantial disposable resources to spend and invest even in recessionary times.

Americans born between 1946 and 1955 are poised to shatter traditional assumptions about the sixth and seventh decades of life. They will not tolerate stereotypes or ageism. They will expect stylish products to instill value beyond mere utility. They will invest in products and services that speak to deeper values, and they will reward those who crack the marketing code. This “fascinating and trenchant” tome gives you the newest strategies and tactics to target the Leading-Edge Boomer market.

Provocative and incisive, Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers reveals the seminal secrets to successful marketing. A thorough discussion discloses the psychological, sociological, and interpersonal dimensions of a generation roaring into the retirement stage of life. Although in a traditional sense, they are not retiring.

Some of the industries being immediately transformed by Boomer aging include financial services, travel, healthcare, housing, consumer packaged goods, and luxury products. But to some extent, nearly every consumer-facing industry today is being transformed by Boomer aging. You can read further to understand the immense power of generational marketing. You can also explore the business enterprises that show the most promise for economic gains during the next few years.

NOW AVAILABLE: Brent Green’s newest book about Baby Boomers, business, marketing, advertising, and the future: Generation Reinvention: How Boomers Today Are Changing Business, Marketing, Aging and the Future.

This ambitious and entertaining book looks backward to explore the transformative history of the Baby Boomer Generation then zooms forward to explore how Boomers are changing aging, including the products and services aimed at the nation’s most economically powerful cohort.

Some choose to see nothing but problems with Baby Boomer aging. Readers of this book will come to see extraordinary opportunities.

Brent Green has been featured as a Baby Boomer marketing and advertising expert by some of the nation’s leading media:

Brent Green, Baby Boomers, reinvention, generation, trends, aging, business, transformations, advertising, marketing, strategies, futurist, futurism, culture, media

Read Brent Green’s article published by CNBC, which discloses the many ways in which Boomers are changing business and creating economic development opportunities. Also, check out the author’s insights about the future of Boomer business for cities and states, published by Huffington Post.

Generation Reinvention is available from all online book retailers, including Amazon.

Written by Brent Green, a creative director and copywriter with over 30 years of experience developing advertising and direct mail campaigns targeting Baby Boomers, his trendsetting books present tested strategies and tactics designed to win Boomers as customers. Learn how Baby Boomer values, goals and buying motivations are challenging every marketer to adapt. Discover the most powerful methods to create Boomer-focused promotions, while developing solid creative strategies and adverting copy that connects. Uncover powerful new research that’s revolutionizing dozens of industries.