August 20, 2011

Generational Marketing Keynote Speaker + Speech Training

Brent Green’s Keynotes and Workshops

Those who have attended Brent Green’s keynote speeches and workshops typically conclude: “He gets it.”

No other prominent speaker focused on Boomers, business, and aging has accumulated an equivalent body of marketing and advertising experiences. With dramatic, high-end multimedia presentations, he enlightens audiences about Boomer business opportunities by drawing upon the insights of someone who has been marketing to this generation since their youth.

He began working with Boomers as a counseling psychologist for five years, followed by 38 years in marketing communications as an award-winning advertising creative director and copywriter. He has conceived and led hundreds of advertising and promotional campaigns targeting Boomers for clients across dozens of industries. Thus, he uniquely understands how the contemporary Boomer generational narrative propels consumer trends and behavior, today and tomorrow.

A graduate of the Dale Carnegie program, he was an assistant instructor for several years. He has been a member of Toastmasters International for over twenty years, and he has received several first-place regional awards for public speaking. He has served as a trainer on the adjunct faculty of the Center for Creative Leadership. He is also a veteran workshop leader, focusing on helping senior executives manage media interviews and take command of public speaking. He has performed as a keynote speaker throughout the U.S. and Canada and overseas, including speeches in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, and Sweden.

Author and Social Commentator

In his influential book Marketing to Leading-edge Baby Boomers, Brent delivers all the insights and strategies you need to achieve extraordinary business success as you determine what uniquely motivates Boomers and how to communicate with them in meaningful and mutually beneficial ways. This “fascinating and trenchant tome” discloses seminal strategies for marketing to one of the nation’s most economically powerful cohorts.

Brent’s most recent business book is entitled Generation Reinvention: How Boomers Today Are Changing Business, Marketing, Aging and the Future. This book reveals how Boomers are transforming major industries as they age beyond 50, 60 and 70. Industries analyzed in the book include travel, housing, healthcare, luxury products, financial services, technology products, consumer packaged goods, products targeting Boomer women, and products targeting Boomer men. Brent also hosted a companion radio program under FMG Radio Network, where he engaged conversations with over 65 of the world’s leading experts on Boomers, business and aging.

Questions of the Spirit; The Quest for Understanding at a Time of Loss, Brent Green, loss, grief, bereavementHe has continued his incisive analysis of the Boomer generation with the publishing of his newest nonfiction book, Questions of the Spirit: The Quest for Understanding at A Time of Loss. This grief book guides readers through an uplifting journey of self-discovery. Each of eighteen chapters explores a significant question about mortal existence, bereavement, and life’s most difficult challenges.

“Based on extensive and prolific attendee accolades received for the Educational Travel Conference, the conference was an unqualified success. Brent Green’s contribution hugely facilitated this success, and helped us raise the bar for another great ETC meeting experience. His wonderful encore performance at ETC … received a 4.68 rating out of a possible 5.0. Our colleagues very much enjoyed his presence. He brought an ‘A Game’ to ETC and is a consummate professional. I have very much enjoyed working with him over these past years. It has been a pleasure and honor.”

— Mara DelliPriscoli, founder of the Educational Travel Conference

I can’t thank you enough for adding the fuel to our marketing planning meeting. Feedback on your presentation and material was very good, both your content and the fact that you did such a good job integrating your material with our products. It truly was a practical connection between customer insights and marketing action.”

— Steve Born, Vice President of Marketing, Globus Family of Brands

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Public Speaking Training and Coaching

public speaking, techniques, fear, anxiety, presentations, confidence, skillWhen you combine 20+ years of public speaking training and evaluation experience with the empathetic understanding of a former counseling psychologist, you get a seasoned public speaking coach. Brent Green can help you identify areas for improvement and then give you a plan to address obstacles between you and pubic speaking acclaim.

He has won dozens of speech evaluation awards from Toastmasters International, attesting to his abilities to understand and nurture each person’s strengths as a speaker. For the American Waterworks Association every year since 2003 until the present, Brent has conducted a four-hour public speaking workshop to develop the skills of each year’s newly elected Board officers. Here’s a sample from Brent’s introduction to his annual workshop:

Transform your latent talents and allay your biggest fears in as little as a few coaching sessions.

“Brent’s presentation was among the best in the history of our six-year Chamber University program which has served more than 3,500 business and association executives. His knowledge of the subject was exceptional and his delivery was superb. We were pleasantly surprised that he drew an audience of 200-plus, our largest crowd ever. Attendees ranked the program a 4.6 on a 5.0 scale making this one of our most popular and well-received programs of all time. If you want to know more about the Boomer phenomenon and how it is impacting your marketplace, you won’t go wrong with Brent. He will meticulously and diligently customize his excellent presentation to suit your individual and local needs.”

— Vicki Vega, Vice President, Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce

“As I started working with the world’s top ranked sports personalities, I was humbled to see that they spend eight to ten hours a day to enhance their skills. That made me ask, “What am I doing to be better?” And in the corporate world, it is not just what I do but how effectively I communicate that makes me successful.

As I understood the importance of presentations and communication, I realized for me to be better, I needed to find a coach. Again this was an idea I stole from top golfers, as I felt if they need a coach, I need one too. I was lucky to find Brent Green. Over the years I have appreciated the impact Brent had on me and realized his impact comes from the following three lessons:

  • He did not want me to be like him. He helped me to be me, but a better me. That made working with him fun for me, as I was discovering myself.
  • He taught me tools like pausing but let me do it my way. It was very important that he did not tell me that the ideal pause is a count 1-2-3. Instead he let me figure out my pause and that way I am in control when I present.
  • Finally, a lesson from him is not a one-time interaction. He asked me to watch comedians perform and appreciate the importance of pause.

So for anyone in the corporate world, finding a communication coach is essential. And if truly want to push yourself to be the best, you better find Brent Green, the Yoda of Presentation Coaching.

— Arjun Sen, Founder and CEO, ZenMango, and author of Customer Karma

Business Presentation Consulting

Business presentations are ubiquitous; many are fairly boring, conceptually and emotionally. BG&A has developed special talents in transforming the garden-variety PowerPoint presentation into a full multimedia experience; not only are our presentations visually powerful, they’re designed to sell products or shape opinions by reaching deep into buyer motivations. See how we blend music, graphic animations, transitions and video for maximum impact. Then we help you script and stage your presentation for audience engagement, beginning to end. Email us to schedule a discussion of your situation. We’ll let you know right up front if we can help and, if so, how.

Brent Green’s presentation on Generation Reinvention provided our attendees with an invigorating session that was both insightful, educational and entertaining. His integration of multimedia throughout the presentation captivated the audience and contributed to an outstanding presentation that was so well-received by attendees. Brent’s commitment and enthusiasm for his presentation made him a pleasure to work with, and we truly appreciate his contribution to the CSA Conference!

— Erin E. Doherty, CSA, Society of Certified Senior Advisors

Media Interview Training

public, relations, media, training, interviewing, Brent Green, speaking, television, radio, reporter, executive, newsA media challenge doesn’t have to involve harassment charges or contaminated company food. A challenge merely could be an urgent, unexpected, or unwanted demand to communicate with the public through the media. And clients, customers, investors, business writers, and opinion-makers are paying close attention. Are you ready? Do your colleagues know how to manage a media firestorm or will they let the situation control them? Our training team has a rich complement of professional skills and experiences focused on empowering middle and senior executives. With the confidence that comes from our knowledge and insights, next time a reporter calls for an interview, your team can control the interview process successfully.

Visit our media training website for more information:

“As an officer in the American Water Works Association, I’ve taken Brent’s public speaking short course for the last 3 years. I’ve learned something new every time, and thoroughly enjoyed the process. My skills and confidence have markedly improved under Brent’s instruction.

“I taught engineering at the university level for 12 years, and I’m very comfortable with pubic speaking. But in Brent’s class, I learned skills and approaches that really improved my ability to speak extemporaneously and get my point across quickly and effectively. No matter how much public speaking you have done, you’ll learn something in Brent’s courses that will improve your skills.”

— Craig Woolard, Ph.D., President, American Water Works Association 

As long as you’re here …

Take a break and listen to Brent’s humorous speech about his neighbor Herb and the irritating subject of Herb’s bathhouse. Brent gave this speech to a Thursday morning gathering of Cherry Creek Toastmasters: