August 21, 2011

Boomer Marketing Case Studies

Brent Green & Associates can invigorate your Boomer marketing and advertising.

Boomer Strategy Review

Marketing to BoomBondingers has become a highly specialized challenge, with success depending on keen and up-to-the-minute insights about the fast-moving competitive environment. This high-level service is for agencies and clients seeking an informed second opinion. We review your marketing situation, evaluate alternative creative approaches, and then help you polish the most powerful strategies.

Boomer Evangelism 

BG Presentation Title SlideBrent Green brings a commanding multimedia presentation and years of consulting experience to your office. We spend a day or two exploring the Boomer market, its unique historical influences and current business challenges. Not only will you discover eyebrow-raising insights about Boomers, you’ll have a stronger foundation upon which to justify future marketing strategies and tactics.

Boomer Integrated Marketing

Best Life - Balance Poster - Side 1 web 2Brent Green & Associates develops a comprehensive marketing communication campaign for your product or service. Our award-winning services include creative strategy, copywriting, graphic design, broadcast production, executive PowerPoint presentations, Web design, and integrated sales promotions.

Brent Green & Associates has been marketing to Boomers for over 25 years. Only in recent years has this cohort become synonymous with the mature segment. So, seizing on an underdeveloped opportunity, some newcomers have jumped into the fray, offering marketing counsel about a segment with which they have had marginal long-term experience as daily practitioners.

Some of the newly arriving “Boomer advertising and marketing consultants” have not earned their credentials in the field of marketing communications, but in other fields such as gerontology, education, and operations management.

We will periodically post case studies here that demonstrate how this team transforms market insights and cohort experience into practical business solutions for a diverse range of clients.


 “Brent Green & Associates’ work with the Boomer market has broad applications to many companies, products and entire fields, like healthcare and real estate.”

Herb Rubenstein, J.D.
President, Growth Strategies, Inc.
Author, Breakthrough Inc.


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