March 16, 2017

Speaking Accolades from Clients

Client Testimonials About Brent Green’s Captivating Presentations

Brent Green pointing in appreciation at host Deane Drury with Meeting Planners International, Ohio Chapter

“I can’t thank you enough for adding the fuel to our marketing planning meeting. Feedback on your presentation and material was very good, both your content and the fact that you did such a good job integrating your material with our products. It truly was a practical connection between customer insights and marketing action.” — Steve Born, Vice President of Marketing, Globus Family of Brands

“It was my good fortune to have the chance to work with Brent Green. His contributions were enormous. His two-hour presentation inspired us and generated a great deal of thought and ideas. He developed stimulating exercises for an additional two-hour workshop and discussion that resulted in concrete ideas that we can put into practice to enhance our travel offerings and to better connect our university partners to their alumni. We rated it a 10 out of 10! Much was due to Brent’s outstanding presentation and presence throughout the conference. — Joe Small, President, AHI Travel

“Brent knocked the ball out of the park! His presentation to the Ohio Chapter of Meeting Professionals International received rave review from the attendees. His ability to identify not only key elements of what makes a Boomer, but also draw correlations with all the other generations, and then tailor his presentation specifically to the meetings’ industry was exactly what both the planners and hospitality industry suppliers needed and wanted. I’m still getting congratulations on a outstanding program weeks later and will definitely let other MPI chapters know about his message. Bravo!” — Deane Drury, Vice President, Education, Meeting Planners International, Ohio Chapter

“Brent Green drew a large crowd and did not disappoint! The average attendance for one or our organization’s ‘Chamber University’ sessions is 70, and his ‘Generation Reinvention: How Boomers Are Changing the Future’ tripled that turn-out here in Sarasota. Further, the over 200 business people there were fully engaged and uniformly commented that they both learned a lot and enjoyed the workshop. The written evaluations turned in after Brent’s program were the highest of all our programs over the last year.” — Steve Queior, President, The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

“Based on extensive and prolific attendee accolades received for the Educational Travel Conference, the conference was an unqualified success. Brent Green’s contribution hugely facilitated this success, and helped us raise the bar for another great ETC meeting experience. His wonderful encore performance at ETC … received a 4.68 rating out of a possible 5.0. Our colleagues very much enjoyed his presence. He brought an ‘A Game’ to ETC and is a consummate professional. I have very much enjoyed working with him over these past years. It has been a pleasure and honor.” — Mara DelliPriscoli, founder of the Educational Travel Conference

“Brent Green’s presentation on the Boomer man — how to understand what shapes his value set, informs his decision making as a consumer, and influences his personal and professional goals at midlife — offered superb and timely insights for the marketing professionals in attendance at the 2010 Florida Boomer Lifestyle Conference. His engaging talk and dazzling multimedia show were the highlights of our densely packed agenda, and as producers we received rave reviews for having him speak. Brent Green is an essential speaker for anyone hosting an event addressing the needs of Boomer consumers today.” — Michelle Bauer and Colleen Chappell, co-producers, 2010 Florida Boomer Lifestyle Conference

“I am writing to thank you for your contribution to the National Ski Areas Association annual conference. We have received many compliments. Your program was integral to our success. Everything you promised, you delivered. The audience left with a much stronger knowledge of the Boomers and how to reach out to Boomer markets. But your program provides more than just good information; it is done in an entertaining multimedia format that hooks the audience at the outset and keeps their undivided attention throughout.” — Tim White, Director of Education, National Ski Areas Association

“Brent Green’s presentation at GlobalShop left the audience wanting more. The multimedia combination of images and sounds from the ‘60s and ‘70s was a perfect background for Green’s insightful views on how to market to Boomers today by tapping into their unique, collective history and appealing to their independence and energy (maintained even as they age) and their enduring values of healthy living and  sustainability. Green cautioned retailers not to miss out on the huge economic opportunities that Boomers represent.” — RoxAnna Sway, Editor in Chief, DDI Magazine and organizer of GlobalShop

“On behalf of The DaVinci Institute, I would like to thank you for presenting an intriguing overview of the historical, social, economic, and cultural impact of the Baby Boomer Generation. Your message was timely and served as a call to action for all industries, companies and policy makers interested in benefiting from and/or avoiding the pitfalls of an aging America. Your contribution led to one of the most favorably received meetings in our Night with a Futurist series. A sellout crowd. Audience feedback was overwhelmingly positive. You’re one of the few speakers who can educate, entertain and have audience members laughing and concerned all at the same time. Also, your multimedia presentation was truly unique with choreographed video, audio and animations. Our members found your comments to be riveting, with many thought-provoking ideas about what the future holds for aging Boomers.” — Thomas Frey, Ph.D., Executive Director, The DaVinci Institute

“Brent Green’s presentation as to the size, impact and potential of the Baby Boomer market is without doubt second to none! Brent effectively highlights not only the population demographic, but also boomer trends in terms of the high percentage of disposable income that this group has. Brent’s presentation is a must for any sales person or marketer who is looking to first of all understand and then penetrate what is unarguably the richest and fastest growing demographic group. The presentation whilst factual is delivered with a wry sense of humor and some very interesting imagery. An hour of anyone’s time well spent.” — Jim Teatum, Vice President, International Distributor Sales, The Nautilus Group Inc.

“As Program Chair for the 50+ Housing Council, I want to thank you for speaking to our group, for your professionalism and the quality of your presentation, ‘From Youthquake to Agequake: The Transformative Future of the Baby Boomer Generation. Since I am a Boomer who has ridden the wave of my demographic age group, I watched carefully as you gave examples of the major milestones that have shaped the generation, and I was amazed how powerfully I resonated with your illustrations. (And here I thought it was merely convenient there were so many health clubs to choose from when I got interested in fitness in the 80’s!). Since our group is an audience of homebuilders, I also appreciated that you wove trends in housing dynamics into the discussion with some practical “take away ideas” on selling to this market. It was a pleasure to work with you and share your ideas. I would recommend your presentation to any organization interested in learning not only how Boomers have affected our culture but how they are likely to influence our future.” — Ed Lowell, Program Chair, 50+ Housing Council – HBA Denver

“Thank you for giving your Keynote Presentation, Boomers: the Future of Long Term Care at Colorado Health Care Association’s 52nd Annual Fall Convention and Exposition. We appreciate you sharing your valuable time and expertise with our attendees. The participants felt the information you gave was very helpful. The attendees walked away with a lot of great information. Here are the evaluation scores for your presentation, with 5.0 being excellent. Overall rating of this program: 4.5; Overall average speaker score: 4.7. Your dedication to improving Long Term Care, as well as your willingness to help us educate our caregivers is greatly appreciated.” — Bonita Jones, Vice President of Operations, Colorado Health Care Association and Center for Assisted Living

Rev. Dr. Will Randolph, MaxPaul Franklin, Brent Green, United Methodist Church, Boomerstock, Baby Boomers, spirituality, aging, religion, generation

Rev. Dr. Will Randolph, filmmaker MaxPaul Franklin and Brent Green following Brent’s keynote address for Boomerstock, a business conference of the United Methodist Church