August 22, 2011

Orange Glo – OxiClean

Multi-package direct mail test, average response: 24.8%!

Orange Glo International earned the distinction of the 4th fastest growing company in the US, according to INC magazine. Brent Green & Associates had an important role in this growth.

We produced the following campaign to evaluate our client’s growing database of customers derived from Direct Response Television.

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Our client made good money on the test campaign, and all three packages proved successful – which is kind of an understatement.


Rescuing new customers.

Brent Green & Associates produced the following campaign to evaluate our client’s opportunities through direct response advertising and direct mail list testing.

How do you convince people to purchase cleaning products by telephone or through the mail, with hundreds of choices already available at their nearby Wal-Mart?

Our strategy has been to focus on the emotional importance of personal possessions. If someone spills a glass of wine on your grandmother’s favorite chair, what do you do next?

We also developed a direct mail and advertising campaign to target Boomers, particularly women 40+. The central photograph depicts a beautiful, oyster-colored Victorian chair with a glass of spilled red wine staining the seat cushion. The headline evokes Boomer music culture: Rescue Me.

Aretha Franklin popularized these words with her hit song, Rescue Me. The lyrics written by Carl William Smith and Raynard Milnar promised a form of interpersonal salvation: Rescue me, and take me in your arms; Rescue me, I want your tender charms…

This two-word headline also captures the sales proposition. We aren’t just attached to our possessions because of their tangible form and function. We usually need a chair to sit, but a chair given to us by a grandmother has much greater emotional value. Most would cherish grandma’s chair more than all others in their home. We personify the chair, adding our own psychic value to real market value with memories of the gray-haired lady. When grandma says, “Rescue me,” the need to resolve a crisis becomes much greater. A cleaning product brand that promises rescue becomes all the more reassuring.

As we developed this marketing program, we knew that the campaign headline would stop many prospects and cause them to think for just a split second. The headline is intentionally evocative of the popular R & B song that Boomers heard when they were just discovering the opposite sex and the mysteries of romance.

So here’s the solution in its commanding form:

Direct Mail Envelope

Direct Mail Brochure

Direct Response Ad in Parade Magazine