March 16, 2017

Power-Packed Presentations with Purpose

Brent Green is Google’s Top-Ranked Boomer Marketing Speaker

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“Brent’s presentation was among the best in the history of our six-year Chamber University program which has served more than 3,500 business and association executives. His knowledge of the subject was exceptional and his delivery was superb. We were pleasantly surprised that he drew an audience of 200-plus, our largest crowd ever. Attendees ranked the program a 4.6 on a 5.0 scale making this one of our most popular and well-received programs of all time. If you want to know more about the Boomer phenomenon and how it is impacting your marketplace, you won’t go wrong with Brent. He will meticulously and diligently customize his excellent presentation to suit your individual and local needs.”

— Vicki Vega, Vice President, Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce

Baby Boomers have changed every life stage they’ve occupied, beginning with prepared baby food as infants and then their dominance of mainstream culture when they were young adults. In middle age, they inspired the term “yuppie” and propelled growth in housing, stock markets, adventure travel, fitness, and automobiles.

With over $3 trillion in annual spending power, plus a trillion in discretionary dollars, and representing 26% of the US population, Boomers are changing what it means to be over 50, 60, and 70.

They are redefining such enterprises as housing, healthcare, media, education, financial services, and tourism. They are setting new benchmarks for late-life accomplishments and social and political impact. They are bringing a badly needed positive perspective to aging and most assuredly they are challenging a century of ageism in marketing and media. Boomer reinvention has become Generation Reinvention.

In his fast-paced multimedia presentations, author Brent Green reveals the demographic, sociological, psychological, and cultural forces that are shaping a future fraught with business risks and opportunities.

Unprecedented economic success awaits those who crack the Boomer marketing code, and Brent gives his audiences a profound emotional understanding of why and how.


Through Brent Green’s distinctive speaking style and multimedia presentations, advertisers and business executives will discover:

  1. What the aging population means to today’s marketer
  2. Major historical and cultural factors making Baby Boomers a distinctive generation that can be reached through target marketing
  3. “Age – period – cohort” model: the three social, cultural, and psychological influences on Boomers’ values and motivations today
  4. Why and how generational marketing is gaining momentum, including new Boomer market segmentation research
  5. Marketing case studies from major consumer brands such as Sony Electronics, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Fidelity Investments, and GE healthymagination, demonstrating how targeting Boomers can be successful in advertising and direct-response marketing
  6. Why and how traditional advertising is of critical importance in the marketing mix when targeting Boomers, including case studies of US advertisers that have been successful at reaching Boomers through traditional, off-line media
  7. A futurist’s perspective: the five new Boomer mega-trends that are challenging and changing marketing strategies in major industries targeting this generational cohort


From these presentations, marketing professionals and business executives learn:

  1. Why Baby Boomers are changing segmentation and message strategies for many farsighted businesses, once again transforming mainstream marketing practices
  2. How marketers are using generational marketing to achieve more relevant brand identity and competitive advantages
  3. What makes Boomers different from and similar to middle-aged adults of preceding generations and how this knowledge can be applied to business planning
  4. Which business sectors are best positioned to capitalize on an aging Boomer population, how, and why
Brent Green, speaking, speeches, presentations, Baby Boomers, business, aging, Generation Reinvention, Leading-Edge, transformations, aging

Brent illustrates the convergence of business, aging, and digital technologies at a speech for the Florida hospice industry.

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Brent Green’s presentation on Generation Reinvention provided our attendees with an invigorating session that was both insightful, educational and entertaining. His integration of multimedia throughout the presentation captivated the audience and contributed to an outstanding presentation that was so well-received by attendees. Brent’s commitment and enthusiasm for his presentation made him a pleasure to work with, and we truly appreciate his contribution to the CSA Conference!

— Erin E. Doherty, CSA, Society of Certified Senior Advisors