August 29, 2011

Collaboration Men + Women

Boomer Men & Women As Partners: Working and Buying Together


This generation of men has enjoyed power that came with being at the top of the nation’s traditional social hierarchy. When they were young adults, Boomer men were favored with jobs, salary advantages, and social access. They remember what it was like to have special privileges relative to women and some minorities.

Then they stood side-by-side with their female peers during the long months of struggle to achieve greater economic and social equality for women. Many would have been aptly described as feminists. A man coming of age in the sixties and seventies learned to empathize with the underdog and to challenge authority, to change social paradigms.

The Boomer generation has played a significant role inculcating gender equality throughout their economic lives. While one spouse may have greater influence on the choice of some product categories, big ticket and thought-worthy decisions are usually a byproduct of spousal deliberation and cooperation.

Gone are the days when Dad pulls into the driveway with a new car that he has selected and purchased unilaterally. And gone are the days when Dad comes home to find a new clothes washer and dryer. Boomer couples have learned to collaborate over purchases, and males and females can often be reached most effectively concerning collaborative purchases with messages shaped around each gender’s unique considerations. But we never lose site of that which binds a couple together, sometimes across decades: their passion for each other. Seasoned couples have learned the wisdom expressed by Denis Diderot: “Only passion, great passion, can elevate the soul to great things.” So this is a generation of passionate consumers where gender differences converge into a consumer greater than the two sexes individually, greater than the sum of the parts.

Brent Green & Associates has developed proprietary marketing approaches to reach Boomer women and men with uniquely tailored messages, while focusing on both genders considering common, collaborative purchases. The path to the buyer’s mind is often through the hearts of two people committed to each other.

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