August 25, 2011

Maroland LLC

A land called home.

Maroland, LLC., based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, represents two powerful trends in the aging of America.

Maroland is a leading provider in New Mexico of in-home, non-medical care to the elderly and disabled who qualify for Medicaid support through the Personal Care Option (PCO) program.

Maroland’s services include meal planning, grooming, dressing, feeding, errands, transportation to medical appointments, light housekeeping and more. With supervised and compensated care being provided by family, friends, neighbors or company staff, beneficiaries remain at home and engaged with their families and communities.

Obviously, this program addresses an increasing economic need to provide options for aging adults who cannot afford to live in assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Further, recent surveys of the Boomer generation reveal a growing preference for home health care over assisted living facilities and nursing homes. This industry has nowhere to grow but up.

The second trend manifested by this company is embodied in its new owner. The Boomer CEO has spent his career as a senior publishing industry executive, working for such major publishers as Weider Publications. In spite of his success as a publisher, this CEO is following a trail being blazed by millions of Boomers now changing careers in midstream and often starting new businesses. He also recognizes the enormous opportunities awaiting those who embrace marketing to Boomers at an early stage.

Brent Green & Associates has been retained by Maroland to build a unified, multi-cultural branding campaign and all marketing support materials. Since the CEO, a Harvard MBA, is well acquainted with sophisticated branding, he expects our team to provide leading-edge creative that integrates across all media. Designer Terra Brown has created pleasing graphics, coupled with a powerful photographic image that conveys the true benefit of remaining in a land called home.

Our initial engagement led to creation of a logo and marketing communication theme, the essence of branding:

Once we created these basic identity elements, we produced a four-color, multilingual brochure:


An integrated trade show display:

And a corporate PowerPoint presentation using unified templates for branding consistency: