September 29, 2011


Another way to think about Baby Boomers and their joints.

One Baby Boomer turns 50 every seven seconds, roughly 12,000 every day. An astute Boomer with a 30-year history in health and fitness has been observing this remarkable aging trend and decided to take action.

He has already made a small fortune with a famous fitness video distributed in the 1980s called Buns of Steel. And he has correctly concluded that aging Boomers are quickly creating a vast market for products designed to rehabilitate and strengthen joints and muscles. (And you were thinking this has something to do with Woodstock … humph.)

TherapyZone is the result. This Internet-based company sells professional therapy and fitness equipment to the patients of physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, occupational therapists and personal trainers.

The marketing model is ingenious. When you visit an affiliated health professional, you are referred to TherapyZone’s website to order equipment for home rehabilitation and fitness. You do not need a prescription, and you receive a 20% discount on all purchases. Your friends and family get the same discount.

Brent Green & Associates has developed an advertising and direct mail campaign to promote this patient-friendly service to physical therapists nationwide.

First, we developed a brand communication theme to unify the marketing program:

Stronger Practices: Strengthen your patients, strengthen your practice.

Next, Brent Green and designer Terra Brown created an advertisement for professional trade magazines:

Then Green and Brown (the people, not the colors) developed an eye-catching self-mailer with an integrated cover design:

Several important attributes of this self-mailer include a testimonial endorsement from a practicing physical therapist in Denver:

A mini-catalog featuring some best-sellers:

Presentation of several strong response offers on the envelope cover:

And inside the flier:

Stay abreast of  this dynamic market. Visit Brent Green’s BOOMERS BLOG.

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