September 19, 2011

Book Reviews


Light bulb and love

“In Generation Reinvention Brent Green does a masterful job of envisioning how Baby Boomer men are about to transform the cultural narratives about aging and maturity. Based on 30+ years experience as a leading-edge marketer, in this important and groundbreaking book, Green reveals provocative and actionable insights about how this unique cohort will reshape the future marketplace as elder consumers. This is the best book I’ve seen for both commercial marketers and nonprofits hoping to tap into the Boomer male’s ongoing quest for material, experiential and even spiritual sustenance.”

— Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., CEO Age Wave, author, Age Wave, Age Power: How the 21st Century will be Ruled by the New Old

“This is the book for our times. Generation Reinvention is, quite simply, the best book I’ve read in years. And I’ve read a lot of books. Read it if you want to better understand Boomers and our place in history. Read it if you want to better understand what really turns us on. The section on Baby Boomer men is a gem you’ll find nowhere else. After reading it you’ll never see men (or women) quite the same. This is a unique and creative masterpiece, full of surprises. Nowhere else will you find commerce intersecting with meaning or learn why ED medications transformed our sexual values or discover ‘The Ten Most Addictive Sounds in the World.’ Buy a copy now, and then buy one for every creative soul on your holiday gift list.”

— Jed Diamond, Ph.D., author, Mr. Mean:  Saving Your Relationship from the Irritable Male Syndrome and Surviving Male Menopause

“In Generation Reinvention, author Brent Green reveals fresh insights about the post-World War II generation of males. He demonstrates how the culture and society that shaped them in youth continues to propel them into the future, promising new paradigms about males as mature consumers. This is vital information for brand marketers hoping to tap into Boomer male wealth and propensity to invest in the future. This is the first book about Boomer men to integrate gender and generational insights into a framework marketers and nonprofits can use to attract their dollars and build loyalty.”

— Marti Barletta, author, Marketing to Women and PrimeTime Women

“Through the double lens of advertising and marketing, Generation Reinvention reveals the influence and determination of Baby Boomers — a diverse and unwieldy group whose time is far from over. It’s a book that should be read not only by marketers, but sociologists, historians, and journalists.”

— Chuck Nyren, author, Advertising to Baby Boomers and popular Boomer generation blogger

“Behind so much of what I talk and write about—Mass Customization, the Experience Economy, and Authenticity—lies two key words: Baby Boomers. They demand things their own way, they desire experiences more than goods and services, and most of all they want it real. To learn how to engage them through personal, enriching, and authentic marketing experiences, let Brent Green be your guide. His book Generation Reinvention provides you with the guidance you need to understand and embrace the nation’s most economically dominant generation.”

— B. Joseph Pine II, author and co-founder, Strategic Horizons LLP

“Brent Green is a pioneer of the marketing-to-Boomer movement, and this newest book continues to position him on the forefront of the revolution. It’s refreshing to hear Brent’s bullish take on Boomer men…an apt reminder that there are nearly as many vibrant men at 50+ as there are women. Brent is a scholar and a marketer—and it shows. Highest recommendation.”

— Carol Orsborn, Ph.D., Sr. Strategist and co-author of Vibrant Nation:  What Boomer Women 50+ Know, Think, Do and Buy (with Stephen Reily)

“Marketers have far too frequently made the mistake of treating Baby Boomers as any other consumer. Brent Green rights this wrong by providing advice, facts and specific strategies for selling to this large (26% of the U.S. population), powerful (50% of all consumer spending) yet complex segment.”

— Wesley Hein, Founder,, a community-driven life planning and support site for middle-aged adults


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