August 29, 2011

Generation Men: Marketing Webinar

Experience Brent Green’s Stimulating And Insightful Webinar

Marketing to Boomer Men has become a highly specialized challenge, with success depending on keen and up-to-the-minute insights about the fast-moving competitive environment. Marketers also need to understand the interactions between generation and gender, in the present age-related context. This high-level webinar is for agencies and clients seeking actionable insights about this lucrative market segment. Here are some of the questions we help you answer:

Which are the major generations now in the consumer marketplace?

What is unique about each generational segment?

What are the driving motivations for each segment?

What is the best theoretical framework in which to develop generational marketing strategies?

What are some of the factors making Boomer men unique in perspective and buying behaviors?

What are some of the major selling opportunities in the market segment domminated by Boomer men?

Why do marketers need to understand these generational nuances to gain competitive advantages and stay ahead of competition?

What are Boomer men thinking about today?

These are some of the questions we’ll begin to address in our 30-minute to one-hour seminar. You’ll experience an online multimedia presentation delivered by award-winning speaker and author, Brent Green.

“Brent Green’s presentation on the Boomer man — how to understand what shapes his value set, informs his decision making as a consumer, and influences his personal and professional goals at midlife — offered superb and timely insights for the marketing professionals in attendance at the 2010 Florida Boomer Lifestyle Conference. His engaging talk and dazzling multimedia show were the highlights of our densely packed agenda, and as producers we received rave reviews for having him speak. Brent Green is an essential speaker for anyone hosting an event addressing the needs of Boomer consumers today.”

— Michelle Bauer and Colleen Chappell, co-producers, 2010 Florida Boomer Lifestyle Conference

If you have questions about this market, give us a call to discuss. In the meantime, stay abreast of this dynamic market. Visit Brent Green’s BOOMERS BLOG.

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