August 25, 2011

My Plan After 50

Helping the nation’s companies navigate the future: workforce aging.

Every eight seconds, another American turns 50. Baby Boomers born between 1946 and 1964 earn more than half the discretionary income in the United States, spend more than $2.6 trillion annually and control a majority of the nation’s assets – yet are under-served compared to their Gen X and Y counterparts when it comes to online community resources.

In response, one of the nation’s most experienced executive coaching and employee assistance planning service providers, EFR, Inc., has established a new division. My Plan After 50 is a professional services community dedicated to providing holistic life coaching and retirement planning services to America’s Boomers, their employers and affiliate organizations.

“With more than 75% of the generation planning not to retire in a traditional sense, there’s a tremendous need to build community, show the way and deliver planning and coaching services to our aging population,” said Paul Hedquist, PhD., former CEO of EFR (Employee & Family Resources, Inc.) who founded the new division with Margie Altmix, his spouse and business partner. “My Plan After 50 helps the Boomer community meet, learn, discover, plan and invest, and serves as a benefits platform to help employers become more proactive about retaining their 50+ workforce.”

A significant marketing challenge confronting this life-planning service for Boomers is to create awareness and open up sales opportunities with corporate HR professionals. While individuals may participate in the online service, corporations are also seeking innovative ways to engage, retain and recruit 50+ employees.

This wholesale business-to-business segment provides the most lucrative sales opportunities for the company. Leading corporations can provide the service as an employee benefit while branding their companies as age-friendly.

We created a multistage lead generation program targeting difficult-to-reach HR professionals and CEO’s by using powerful digital personalization printing technologies and an evocative business incentive.

BG&A also created all marketing collateral, including this powerful sales promotion package: Based on our team’s strategic assessment of emerging opportunities in high-level HR consulting around workforce aging, BG&A worked with our client to create an identity program for a new consulting division entitled Wisdom Worker Solutions:

We helped our client launch the new division with a major summit in Iowa, corporate headquarters for EFR:

And then we created a trade-show booth to be used at the inaugural event and all subsequent HR and industry trade-shows:

Our work for EFR, My Plan After 50, and Wisdom Worker Solutions demonstrates state-of-the-art integrated marketing communications for B-2-B clients targeting the Boomer consumer.