March 16, 2017

Generational Marketing Speaker Presentation Videos

Baby Boomers born between the mid-1940s through the mid-1950s have changed every life stage they’ve occupied, beginning with prepared baby food as infants and then their dominance of mainstream culture when they were young adults. In middle age, Boomers inspired the term “yuppie” and propelled growth in housing, stock markets, integrated medicine, adventure travel, fitness, and automobiles.

Boomers are now changing what it means to be over 50, 60, and 70. They’re changing marketing and advertising. They are redefining such enterprises as housing, healthcare, media, education, financial services, and tourism. Boomers are setting new benchmarks for late-life accomplishments and social and political impact. Boomer Reinvention has become Generation Reinvention. They’re bringing a badly needed positive perspective to aging and most assuredly will challenge a century of ageism in marketing, advertising, and media.

In his fast-paced multimedia workshops and keynote speeches — featuring an entertaining blend of classic rock music, marketing case studies, consumer research, and advertising videos — author Brent Green reveals the demographic, sociological, and cultural forces that are shaping a future fraught with business risks and opportunities. Unprecedented business success awaits executives and professionals who crack the Baby Boomer marketing code, and Brent gives his audiences a profound emotional understanding of why and how.

Presentation participants discover the newest research insights about the changing values of Baby Boomers; learn about generational marketing and advertising; review Boomer demography, sociology and psychology; and explore burgeoning new market segments such as Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability.

In the following video, Brent answers a significant business question about generational marketing. What is a generation?

The next segment of this presentation applies generational theory to real-world business solutions that will improve your marketing success. Want to know more? Send an email or give us a call.

Here is another segment from one of Brent’s recent speeches: a keynote address to the media and marketing professionals of Holland:

And then the introduction to a keynote for The Society of Certified Senior Advisors, exploring the theme of Boomers and the Transformation Narrative: