August 22, 2011

Natural Home Magazine

Helping Boomer women find a more natural path.

Natural Home magazine is in the “shelter magazine” category and targets Boomer women over fifty. The magazine is widely distributed through natural foods groceries and health food stores.

The problem posed to us was how to make our package stand apart from all the direct mail clutter while conveying this magazine’s distinctive, earthy personality. We focused on those values most appealing to Boomer women who came of age during the emergence of the environmental movement and a new consciousness about health, hearth and home.

We began by developing an arresting 6″ X 9″ envelope:

Notice that the back cover offer is for a free “Soothing & Uplifting Citrus Scented Bookmark!”

Bingo. We introduced an enticement that calls upon the sense most associated with deep-seated emotions. Smell.

If you would like to experience the wonderful citrus aroma yourself, scratch and sniff here.

Smell the fresh oranges?

(Just kidding around.)

Then we maintained the mood set on the envelope throughout the enclosed brochure.

Of course, no direct mail package would be complete without a sensitive, motivating letter.

And, oh yes, a response motivating reply device.

The BG&A direct mail test package beat the client’s control self-mailer, as well as another test mailing package developed by the nation’s most respected circulation marketing creative team.