September 14, 2011

GEX Corporation

Are you talking to me?

GEX Corporation serves a highly segmented industry: those people responsible for measuring industrial radiation dose. (Too little, it’s  contaminated with pathogens; too much, it fries.)

Today, everything from bandages to foods receive precisely measured radiation doses to assure optimum sterilization. Our client has developed a new, systematic way to assure accurate radiation dose.

There are specific technical professionals we must reach with our marketing message, and once is not enough. The people who oversee this manufacturing process are slightly obsessive-compulsive. Thus, we developed a multi-step mailing campaign designed to grab attention, build brand awareness, and encourage product trial. We also created a marketing communications theme for all the client’s branding: The Definite Way to Measure Dose.

The following laminated, oversized postcards arrived in a series, each personalized with impressive digital printing technologies.

Inspired product packaging and corporate image design by the Merten Design Group and a successful direct mail and sales campaign have quickly established this brand in a category once dominated by a Goliath.

Hooray for targeted marketing!

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