September 14, 2011

Email Publishing

May I make a cartoon out of your career?

Email Publishing, a pioneer in email list management for publishers and based in Boulder, Colorado, had an equally difficult task of reaching publishers and editors of major magazines.

Our strategy included developing a full-color, four-page letter. Each letter began with a reprint of a color cartoon from the New Yorker magazine. Each cartoon was customized to the recipient.

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The promotional offer to these difficult-to-reach decision makers included a framed copy of their personalized New Yorker cartoon.
In part due to this campaign, Email Publishing added many prestigious new clients and eventually attracted the interest of new owners, making the founder — under age 40 at the time — wealthy and wise beyond his years.

“BG&A’s innovative direct mail campaign targeting difficult-to-reach publishers and editors of major magazines accomplished two significant objectives for Email Publishing. The letters generated the kind and quality of leads we were seeking, plus the highly creative approach stimulated intangible ‘industry buzz’ that led to the formation of critical business relationships and strategic alliances.”
— Alan Welty, Director of Sales, Email Publishing, Inc.




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