August 22, 2011

Dingo Software

Hunting for the elusive Dingo dog… 


Much like the human equivalent of a blood sample, regular oil samples from a machine can be chemically analyzed to determine equipment health problems.

Dingo Maintenance Systems, an Australian software company, introduced a new online software suite to address this niche opportunity.

Dingo’s service allows maintenance planners to view equipment trends and draw conclusions from diagnostic data via any computer connected to the Internet. Color-coded alarms assure quick attention to at-risk equipment.

The significant communication problem for Dingo was to develop a brand where none previously existed. How do you personify an Internet-based software product in a visually memorable way?

We began with the Dingo, Australia’s elusive wild dog. Merten Design Group created a Robo-Dingo illustration that permeates all marketing communication media, including direct mail, collateral and trade advertising. Below you can see how an arresting brand element can add unity to marketing communications, building top-of-mind recognition over time.

Visual branding has worked for Geico Insurance with its memorable and ubiquitous cartoon Gecko, and it has worked for Dingo Maintenance Systems. The difference? Our Robo-Dingo is equally nuanced and versatile but cost our client far less than Geico has paid for its Gecko.

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Introducing Robo-Dingo:


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