August 20, 2011


At Brent Green & Associates, we work diligently to make sure our solutions address your  challenges. We are not limited in expertise to a single marketing modality. Most of the time our recommendations embrace integrated marketing communications: orchestration of a coherent, memorable selling idea through different media channels with laser-like focus on a unique segment opportunity. In effect, decision makers become surrounded by your marketing message, making your organization appear ubiquitous while capturing the largest “share of voice” for a given campaign period.

Business decision makers are human beings who initially recognize opportunities from an emotional perspective, and then they rationalize emotional reactions with data, details and justifications. One universal motivation influences almost all business decisions: the need to appear competent and effective to the boss. So we help your prospects become heroes in the eyes of their management.

Often our B-2-B marketing campaigns target several different decision makers within the same organization, and we shape messages according to decision-making styles unique to each profession. A CFO receives strong financial justifications. A CMO receives the most powerful arguments supporting sales growth.  A CEO sees leadership opportunities emanating from a favorable purchase decision.

One of the truest testaments of successful B-2-B marketing  is when campaigns become newsworthy and covered by trade media. On a number of occasions, the creativity and resourcefulness of our work has been featured in trade media, further elevating our clients’ brands and bringing new energy to our clients’ organizations. Great marketing pumps up your team, revitalizing commitment to mission.

Here are some of our B-2-B services:

Direct Marketing

From concept to execution, direct mail marketing that gets through mail screeners, gets to decision makers and gets results; we have created direct marketing campaigns that consistently deliver many times the investments in the marketing as profitable ROI.

Response Advertising

Blending traditional image advertising with direct response strategies, this hybrid approach means advertising dedicated to triggering action.

Business Writing

Writing for all business needs: brochures, articles, essays, blog pieces, email marketing, editorial opinions, press releases, etc.

Sales Promotions

Integrated promotions, including concept development, cross-promotional negotiations, event marketing, media relations, on-site event management; we have often transformed trade shows into marketing theater, with strategies building excitement before a trade show, onsite marketing activities, and post-event follow-up business development

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