February 2, 2017

Questions sample page

In Questions of the Spirit, author Brent Green guides readers through a thoughtful and inspirational journey of eighteen chapters. Each chapter explores a significant question about mortal existence, the nature of loss, and life’s most difficult challenges.

Evocative chapter themes include: What was your first experience of loss? Is there value in suffering? Have you been blessed? After each chapter, additional questions inspire further contemplation and healing insights.

This finely crafted book includes poems, essays, and inspirational stories about those who overcome illnesses, misfortunes, rejection, and death of loved ones. The author also explores loss of a friendship with someone still living, loss of status, loss of self-confidence, loss of purpose, and loss of opportunities.

Loss comes in many forms throughout life. Loss is a requisite part of the human experience. Loss often means pain, but loss also means growth.

This book can become a pathway to greater spiritual awareness, a more resilient outlook, renewed faith, and hope in times of tragedy. It adds value with each new loss. And the book can stimulate deeper dialogue among those who gather to discuss mortality and the hereafter.


“We are mortal beings and Questions of the Spirit shows readers how we can revel in and be enriched by the truth of that mortality.”

— Dr. Bill Thomas, author, Second Wind: Navigating the Passage to a Slower, Deeper and More Connected Life

“You will read this book with joy as a reminder of how to keep our hearts open, even in the face of the inevitable losses we all must endure. It is truly a gift of love.”

— Jed Diamond, Ph.D., author, Male Menopause, The Enlightened Marriage

“The depth and flow of the narrative kept me engaged, helping me learn more about myself along the way.”

— Carol Orsborn, Ph.D., author, Fierce with Age, The Spirituality of Age

“I have savored every page. It’s almost like reading my own history. It makes the book so meaningful. Truly a tour-de-force!”

— Dawn Lehman, author, Smart Talk

“I was overwhelmed by the feeling of a comforting spiritual presence, which grew as the book plunged deeply into the great existential questions of life.”

— Rev. Dr. William B. Randolph, Director of Aging and Older Adult Ministries, The United Methodist Church

“Reading this book after experiencing a personal loss is like having your own support group with you all the time.”

— Ed Pittock, Founder, Home Care Standards Bureau, Founder, Society of Certified Senior Advisors

“Questions of the Spirit begins a much-needed process of asking questions that go to the heart of our denial of death…”

— Mark McGann, M.A., J.D., Hospice Chaplain, VITAS Healthcare

“Each chapter is followed by questions for personal reflection or group discussion that will inspire readers to contemplate their own rarely explored beliefs and values.”

— David Cox, President, Professional Testing

“Brent is doing something very, very important here and the book is going to be of huge value to people.”

— Harry R. Moody, Ph.D., Vice President of Academic Affairs, AARP (ret), author, The Five Stages of the Soul

“Questions of the Spirit is a profound gift. I was so moved by Brent’s story of loss and grief and how he has harnessed that with wisdom, spirit, intellect and compassion …”

— Helen Dennis, Specialist in Aging, Employment & The New Retirement