August 6, 2012

Generation Reinvention Radio

Baby Boomers represent 26 percent of the U.S. population, and by demographic force alone this generation is having a lot of influence on the future. But demographics do not tell the entire story.

This generation of cultural and social innovators has influenced the shape and trajectory of every life stage they’ve experienced. In their teens, they questioned authority and insisted on a more egalitarian society through their consciousness revolutions. In their young adult years, they popularized new industries such as personal computing and branded natural products. In middle age, they have become dominant consumers of luxury products, automobiles, educational travel, financial services, second homes, healthcare services and more.

With a majority now over age 50, Boomers are already changing many traditional business practices and institutions, from advent of medical tourism to later-life entrepreneurialism. They are still shaping popular culture, from blockbuster films to stadium filling rock concerts.

Leading experts in fields as diverse as neuroscience, product branding and encore careers bring their unique perspectives into lively conversations as host Brent Green searches with them for obvious and hidden signposts of significant change. Listeners can also expect to find out how they can improve marketing communications, product and service development, nonprofit value, and public policies, while discovering emerging opportunities for personal reinvention and business creation.

The next few chapters of western society will include Baby Boomers as leading protagonists as Generation Reinvention continues to change the meaning of business, marketing, aging, and consumerism. Accurately forecasting the Boomer future has substantial monetary implications for numerous industries, as well as members of a generation committed to living more vital and relevant lives from now through the coming decades.

Some choose to see nothing but problems with Boomer aging. Brent Green’s compelling weekly conversations with leading experts bring listeners closer to extraordinary opportunities.


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