August 22, 2011

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From Youthquake to Agequake: The Transformative Future of the Baby Boomer Generation

The marjority of an enormous and transformative generation is already over 50, with about 11,000 joining the 50+ market every day. Baby boomers have changed every life stage they’ve occupied, beginning with their nascent assault on the prepared baby food industry and then their dominance of mainstream culture when they were young adults. In middle age, they inspired the term “yuppie” and propelled growth in housing, stock markets, and luxury automobiles.

With $2.6 trillion in annual spending power, plus $750 billion in discretionary dollars, and representing 26% of the population, Boomers are set to change what it means to be over 50. They’ll redefine such enterprises as housing, healthcare, education, and tourism. They’ll set new benchmarks for late-life accomplishments and social and political impact. They’ll bring a badly needed positive perspective to aging and may even overcome a century of ageism.

That’s the good news. On the dark side, however, is the economic reality that around 30% of Boomers – over 25 million – are broke, with net assets of $10,000 or less. One gloomy image of the mid-century future could be 40 or 50 million sick and disabled Boomers and a society overwhelmed with unmanageable health and eldercare costs.

In this fast-paced multimedia presentation, Boomer generation authority and author Brent Green looks at the demographic, sociological and cultural forces that are shaping a future fraught with risks and opportunities. Which scenario is most likely to play out?

“Brent, you knocked the ball out of the park! Your presentation to the Ohio Chapter of Meeting Professionals International received rave reviews from the attendees. Your ability to identify not only key elements of what makes a Boomer, but also to draw correlations with all the other generations, and then tailor your presentation specifically to the meetings’ industry was exactly what both the planners and hospitality industry suppliers needed and wanted. I’m still getting congratulations on an outstanding program weeks later, and will definitely let other MPI chapters know about your message. Bravo!”

— Deane C. Drury, LCMP, Vice President, Education
Meeting Professionals International, Ohio Chapter

The Boomer Future: How Boomers Today Are Changing Business, Marketing, Aging and the Future

In Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers, author Brent Green constructs a compelling argument that Baby Boomers have transformed every life-stage they’ve occupied, from the meaning of being a teenager to emergence of a more young-at-heart, middle-aged adult of today. His new book takes that argument to its logical conclusions: 1) Boomers are changing the meaning and metaphors of aging, instilling the elder life-stage with vigor, relevance and engagement; and, 2) the many ways in which Boomers change aging, from both a business and sociological perspective, will benefit all generations and the businesses that serve them.

Just as Boomers played a substantial role in making gender inclusiveness part of mainstream value consensus in Western society, they will also bring much needed dynamism to aging inclusiveness. This ultimately means development of more products and services aimed at this wealthy cohort, with enhanced marketing activities to influence them as consumers.

Peering into a crystal ball and envisioning how a generation is changing the future has immediate business implications for industries targeting this market: healthcare, education, travel, housing, pharmaceuticals, financial services, technology, and so forth. As Boomers deconstruct and reconstruct contemporary paradigms and beliefs about aging and consumerism, they will beneficially foster opportunities for younger generations.

Just as young adults have been the beneficiaries of Boomers’ technological achievements (the internet, for example), Boomers will inspire many new industries and technological advancements to serve today’s youth as they also age. Young people today can look forward to experiencing a more robust and optimistic old age than has been typical for their predecessors. All working generations can gain enormous economic rewards by addressing the emerging aging industry opportunities.

A wealthy and powerful generation is looking for a few good companies. Those that learn how to communicate with and market to this generation will prosper. Discover the success strategies by bringing Brent Green to your group for a seminar, workshop or keynote presentation.

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“On behalf of Resort Parks International, we appreciated your perceptive and thought-provoking multimedia presentation about marketing to the Boomer generation. You helped us achieve the goals of inspiring our affiliates about this lucrative market, educating them concerning strategies they can undertake to build business opportunities, and giving us a provocative glimpse into the future with your insights about developing business trends. I am pleased with how you customized your presentation for this industry by providing suggestions that our affiliates can implement for greater success. Your professionalism is notable — from our first inquiry through your final interactions with participants following the presentation.”
— William F. Dawson, Chairman, Resort Parks International  
“As Program Chair for the 50+ Housing Council, I want to thank you for speaking to our group, for your professionalism and the quality of your presentation, ‘From Youthquake to Agequake: The Transformative Future of the Baby Boomer Generation.’

“Since I am a Boomer who has ridden the wave of my demographic age group, I watched carefully as you gave examples of the major milestones that have shaped the generation, and I was amazed how powerfully I resonated with your illustrations. (And here I thought it was merely convenient there were so many health clubs to choose from when I got interested in fitness in the 80’s!)

“Since our group is an audience of homebuilders, I also appreciated that you wove trends in housing dynamics into the discussion with some practical “take away ideas” on selling to this market.

“It was a pleasure to work with you and share your ideas. I would recommend your presentation to any organization interested in learning not only how Boomers have affected our culture but how they are likely to influence our future.”
— Ed Lowell, Program Chair, 50+ Housing Council – HBA Denver, Regional Vice President, Village Homes of Colorado, Inc.
“I am writing to thank you for your contribution to the National Ski Areas Association annual conference. We have received many compliments. Your program was integral to our success. Everything you promised, you delivered. The audience definitely left with a much stronger knowledge of the Boomers and how to reach out to Boomer markets. But your program provides more than just good information; it is done in an entertaining multimedia format that hooks the audience at the outset and keeps their undivided attention throughout.” 

— Tim White, Director of Education, National Ski Areas Association
“Brent Green’s presentation at GlobalShop left the audience wanting more. The multimedia combination of images and sounds from the ’60s and ’70s was a perfect background for Green’s insightful views on how to market to Boomers today by tapping into their unique, collective history and appealing to their independence and energy (maintained even as they age) and their enduring values of healthy living and sustainability. Green cautioned retailers not to miss out on the huge economic opportunities that Boomers represent.” 

— RoxAnna Sway, Editor in Chief, DDI Magazine and organizer of GlobalShop 2006
“On behalf of The DaVinci Institute, I would like to thank you for presenting an intriguing overview of the historical, social, economic, and cultural impact of the Baby Boomer Generation. Your message was timely and served as a call to action for all industries, companies and policy makers interested in benefiting from and/or avoiding the pitfalls of an aging America.

“Your contribution led to one of the most favorably received meetings in our Night with a Futurist series. A sellout crowd. Audience feedback was overwhelmingly positive. You’re one of the few speakers who can educate, entertain and have audience members laughing and concerned all at the same time.

“Also, your multimedia presentation was truly unique with choreographed video, audio and animations. Our members found your comments to be riveting, with many thought-provoking ideas about what the future holds for aging Boomers.”
— Thomas Frey, Ph.D., Executive Director, The DaVinci Institute

“Thank you for speaking at our CHC meeting. You were overwhelmingly adored by all! 

“The combination of audio and visual elements in your presentation made learning about baby boomers a truly unique and highly educational experience for all of us. Your evaluation from our membership scored the highest ever.

“Thanks Brent!”
— Kelly Robbins, President, Colorado Healthcare Communicators 
“THANK YOU for an inspiring and thoughtful presentation here in Nashville. You managed to reach this crew and get them thinking. You have a very compelling, example-centered style which engages people … and that’s critical for this group.
“Your efforts were appreciated, and you gave our members pause to think about the implications of the upcoming Boomer shift in population. That is a good thing in this learning venue.

“Your thoughtfulness on logistics both coming and going were most appreciated; you were certainly a pleasure to work with and have as a guest of the network.”
— Martha Kelley, Executive Learning Networks, Belmont University 
“Well, they loved it. The results have been tabulated, the audience has spoken. Case In Point (your panel) is a winner and a new tradition has been launched. Thank you so very much for the role you played as moderator of this first-ever program success. By your enthusiasm, leadership and tremendous presentation skills, you helped make an idea a reality.”
— Nan McCann, President, PME Enterprises
Conference Manager: Beyond the Numbers, The Mature Market Summit 2003, hosted by global advertising agency, J. Walter Thompson

“Without question, Brent was one of the top presenters. The comments I received from the many participants that crowded into his room said that not only was he filled with facts that were of great value, but he presented the material in a most entertaining fashion.”
— Ed Pittock, President
Society of Certified Senior Advisors
Organizer, CSA Summit
“Brent Green’s presentation as to the size, impact and potential of the Baby Boomer market is without doubt second to none! Brent effectively highlights not only the population demographic, but also Boomer trends in terms of the high percentage of disposable income that this group has. Brent’s presentation is a must for any sales person or marketer who is looking to first of all understand and then penetrate what is unarguably the richest and fastest growing demographic group. The presentation whilst factual is delivered with a wry sense of humor and some very interesting imagery. An hour of anyone’s time well spent.”
— Jim Teatum, Vice President
International Distributor Sales
The Nautilus Group Inc.
“Brent Green’s Boomer generation insights and their applications to marketing efforts were a great addition to our Integrated Marketing Communication course. Not only did he provide a good explanation of how this critical segment lives and thinks, but he gave examples of both the good and bad ways to communicate with them. By exposing the stereotypes that are the basis for many of the poor creative strategies used to reach this group, my students should be able to avoid these pitfalls when on the job. 

“Feedback from my MBA students was extremely positive. The only problem was he set the bar very high for future guest lecturers.

“Finally, I especially appreciated his understanding of good classroom pedagogy. So many guest lecturers only tell war stories. Brent packaged his concepts and insights into good class discussions. By asking the class questions and forcing them to think, his messages will have a much longer shelf life in the minds of these students.”  

— Tom Duncan, Ph.D.
Director, IMC Graduate School
University of Denver, Daniels College of Business
“We absolutely loved Brent Green’s presentation and his keen insights into the Boomer market! Our entire team-truly enjoyed his presentation and great recommendations/suggestions he provided to us. We hope to work with him again in the future and truly appreciated all he did to be a part of the charrette seminar.”
— Barbara Sorensen
Operations Manager
Core Communities 

“Brent Green creates a compelling case for the existence of generational bias aimed at Baby Boomers. His multimedia presentation is both thought provoking and entertaining. His outline for how Boomers and other generations can take control of their economic and social destiny is critical. Brent is an engaging presenter with unique insights about the aging of America.”
— Don M. Gorsuch, Vice President
Concordia on the Lake


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