For 29 years, BG&A has been working hard to support clients engaged in industries ranging from tourism and online communities to trade associations and wellness. This website presents representative case studies covering advertising, sales promotions, business collateral, and direct marketing. Here you’ll discover some provocative business solutions that have delighted our clients, their constituents and customers … for a generation.  

Marketing and Advertising to Baby Boomers

Since publication of Brent Green’s influential Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers, numerous companies have turned to BG&A for help masterminding their messaging, marketing, advertising and direct marketing strategies targeting Baby Boomers and 50+ consumers. As a popular keynote speaker about Baby Boomer marketing and advertising, Brent has won plaudits from audiences throughout the U.S. and Europe; he is Google’s top-rated Boomer speaker. How is this generation changing business, marketing, aging, and the future? How has Boomer Reinvention become Generation Reinvention? For provocative ongoing discussions about Boomers and business, visit Brent Green’s blog Boomers, with over 100,000 words of thought-leading content.



Selling to difficult-to-reach prospects has been a hallmark of BG&A since company inception in 1986. We have proven, time and again, that any market can be persuasively moved to action with advertising and direct marketing ideas that inspire transformative beliefs. We have demonstrated consistent success reaching consumers in the segment known as LOHAS, Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability. We have created novel campaigns that tap into the power of “the experience economy.” And we have often propelled our campaigns into news media. You’ll also discover helpful case studies focused on marketing to men, an underdeveloped gender niche for product marketers.


If you’re targeting decision makers in high-technology and business services, you already know how daunting it can be to get their attention with so much competition. That’s why we transform marketing into participatory theater, capturing attention and breaking down resistance to change. What could business-to-business communications possibly have to do with Boomers? Well, many of today’s C-suite executives are also members of the Baby Boomer generation. We have developed successful b-to-b strategies that connect with business decision makers because of subtle generational buying triggers.

Published Books


Brent Green published the first edition of Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers years ahead of a rush of new books about Baby Boomer marketing and advertising. This influential, thought-leading book provides a definitive. evergreen overview of the Boomer mindset, plus tested strategies for marketing, advertising, and sales promotions.

Generation Reinvention presents an enjoyable and well-researched analysis of Baby Boomer business opportunities awaiting farsighted companies and organizations, with an unprecedented special section about marketing to Baby Boomer men.






BRENT GREEN HAS FINISHED WRITING a biographical novel about an exercise physiologist, sports psychologist, fitness pioneer, and daredevil who risked everything to survive five bouts of cancer spanning 57 years. Here’s a video trailer for the forthcoming book:

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